Soaring and angular, this new Rollingwood home received a prestigious 5 Star Green rating; even the excavation construction waste was repurposed in the landscape. Designed for entertaining and relaxing, this house features three levels of outdoor living, a Jacuzzi and poolside cabana, three fireplaces and a stainless steel/glass tile pool table. Special use rooms include a dry sauna, meditation room, plant atrium, poolside cabana and an office/guest house. A rain collection system is used to water the organic garden.

A waterfall draws your attention to the entry which is accessed via a footbridge over the stream that separates the driveway from the house. The custom front door is crafted with sliced rose quartz and live oak taken from the nearby family ranch.

The strategic layout provides privacy from the street while enhancing views of Lady Bird Lake and downtown across the back of the house. The north facing retractable living room wall opens to the largest balcony which runs the length of the house. Exterior motorized shades lower to create screened in rooms.

Inside a curved, 2-story interior stucco and glass tile wall supports an undulating slatted wood ceiling. Beneath the three-sided fireplace, a cat tunnel makes chase a little more fun. A freestanding arced monorail staircase leads you to the upper lever. The watery iridescent panels catch and reflect the light like a riverbed. An upstairs game room opens to the highest balcony with a 15� walk that cantilevers over the landscape.

The open concept master suite is separated only by a dual fireplace. Motorized shades can be lowered to create privacy between the spaces. A wood cornice constructed with LED light boxes frames the spectacular view of downtown at night. Two layers of motorized window shades control the glare and darken the room.