Modern Bungalow Modern Bungalow Modern Bungalow Modern Bungalow Modern Bungalow Modern Bungalow

Remember 50's suburban homes? Small bungalows with three bedrooms and a single bath. The 6' x 11' baths were hip with tiled walls in trendy color combinations like sky blue and navy, mint & evergreen, rose and maroon. They still exist.

The existing layout was confining. There was only 24" pass between the tub and vanity. The toilet was behind the shower wall. Pier and beam structure made it feasible to re-plumb from below.

A 3' x 3' closet was taken from the adjacent bedroom and used for the toilet space. The existing wall was reduced to 42" high, blocking the view of the toilet from the hallway. The wall was tiled on both sides and capped with a linear glass and stainless accent. Stainless corner trim was used to transition from the wall to the cap.

The tub was placed along the exterior wall with ledge behind it to fill the width of the space. Nostalgic 4x4 tile was specified for the surround. A larger window provides a garden view. The niche was recessed into a hard to reach kitchen corner cabinet. A valance conceals shower curtain rods.

Stainless strips run diagonally through the floor to visually widen the space. Radiant heating was installed under the tile to warm the floor in the winter.

A shallow white lacquer vanity and cabinet provide ample storage. The white walls were embellished with silver nail-heads in whimsical patterns for interest.

The modern white and silver theme brings this bath into the 21st century.