Soco Soul Soco Soul Soco Soul Soco Soul Soco Soul

This 1890’s farmhouse had been moved from Georgetown to the hip 78704 neighborhood and renovated as a spec house. The contractor installed basic cabinetry and countertops throughout.

A gallery owner with a fabulous art collection bought the house for its 12’ ceilings and location. An avid cook, she needed more space to display her collectible dishware. She had a modest budget of $20,000.00 so it was necessary to keep the existing granite countertops.

We designed open cubbies that stacked asymmetrically up the wall. The cubbies flank a vent hood with a custom extension. We painted the lower cabinets to match the uppers which provide visual weight to the light granite. Iridescent subway tiles blend in with the cabinets rather than contrast for a more cohesive look.

The new larger island is designed with a light box to illuminate the commissioned glass countertop. The red and black glass was selected to complement the cabinets and dishware. It has shallow cabinets on the back side to store delicate stemware.

The bar supports were simple wood brackets. We removed them and supported the granite overhang with angle irons. A reflective band of stainless steel conceals the supports and creates a fun vibe against the bright green wall and orange barstools.

To even the poor lighting, we replaced the single overhead with a rail system. The rail allowed for multiple spots to be strategically placed and illuminate the work spaces. The artful donut shaped pendants suspend over the bar adding a playful air.